Database of Sustainable Solutions

Promoting verified solutions to help
the superyacht industry become more sustainable

Your one-stop shop for sustainable solutions

We know that there are more sustainable solutions available today than most yachting professionals are aware of. If these were all to be implemented, a significant reduction in environmental impact could be immediately achieved. That’s where our database comes in. By sharing systems, knowledge and best practices, we can increase their adoption and fast-track sustainability in the superyacht industry.

We’re now calling on suppliers to submit their solutions for verification
prior to the database’s public launch later this year.

How it works

Only solutions that have been verified through a rigorous assessment will be included, ensuring that they actually result in reduction of environmental impact. The verification process is made up of four steps:


Solution submitted

Suppliers are invited to register and submit their solutions for inclusion in
our database.


Data collected

We’ll help suppliers source and upload the data we need to properly assess their solution.



Our rigorous assessment uses the Life Cycle Assessment methodology to determine whether the solution is indeed sustainable.



A detailed report will be shared and, if verified, solutions will be added to our database and promoted to end users.

Reasons to submit your solution



Reach new audiences of key decision makers through inclusion in our database.


Verification stamp

Demonstrate to stakeholders that your solution is verifiable as more sustainable.


Value of the process

Learn how your solution could be improved and benefit from a fee that is significantly below market value.


Yacht Assessment Tool

In addition to our database, your solution will also be included in our Yacht Assessment Tool.


We want to fill our database with solutions. That’s why we are inviting suppliers of sustainable solutions to submit their solutions for verification. This is a win-win. Not only will the industry be able to easily find verified ways to make their products more sustainable, but suppliers will benefit from their solutions reaching a wider audience. Register now and submit your solution for verification.

End users

Later this year, we will publicly launch the database. Once launched, yacht designers, builders and client representative teams will be able to easily navigate the database, ensuring that their latest project will have more Environmental Innovative Solutions as possible. The same applies for refit, where captains, designers and refit yards who are searching for ways to upgrade existing yachts will be able to find the latest solutions.