Reasons to submit your solutions

Having a verified sustainable solution included in our database of sustainable solutions and promoted to key decision makers will result in commercial benefits for the supplier. But that’s not all.


Promoted to key decision makers

Your solution will be listed in a public database and promoted to a wide audience of key decision makers, including yacht designers, new build and refit shipyards, project managers, owners representatives and captains. We envision the database becoming the leading point of reference for the superyacht industry to discover new solutions.


Use of Water Revolution Foundation’s verification stamp

Being able to prove to your stakeholders that your solution has been verified by an independent and science-driven foundation, with stringent methodological framework, showcases reliability and confirms your solution’s ability to reduce environmental impact. To help our suppliers demonstrate this, we have created the Water Revolution Foundation verification stamp. This can be used on your own website or promotional material, to showcase your solution’s effectiveness in reducing environmental impact. Use of the stamp is subject to terms and conditions and may need to be renewed on an annual basis


The value of the process

The verification process has significant value. Not only the feedback you will receive, including advice on how improvements could be made, but also the verification process itself. If your solution was to be assessed by a specialised agency or institution, the costs could easily add up to tens of thousands of euros. Here is why: in order to benchmark your solution against the ‘business as usual’, a large amount of data needs to be collected and assessed, before even being able to start assessing yours. This preparatory work is ongoing by Water Revolution Foundation as part of our Yacht Assessment Tool developments. We’re making these investments for the benefit of the industry so that we can assess all types of solutions.


Inclusion in our Yacht Assessment Tool

In addition to being included in our database, your solution will also be included in our Yacht Assessment Tool. This tool is based on computational sustainability, a cutting-edge sustainability approach, and functions as a decision support system. Your solution will be included as an alternative choice during the decision-making process when it comes to designing and building a new yacht or refitting an existing yacht when users are reviewing alternative, more sustainable solutions.

More benefits coming soon

And that’s not all. We believe that those who invest in a sustainable future deserve to be rewarded. Therefore, we are actively developing more incentives for suppliers of sustainable solutions. Expect to hear more about this in 2023.

Participation through partnership

The verification process can only be started by becoming a partner of Water Revolution Foundation. Time and data are required from companies when submitting their sustainable solution for verification. However, the biggest investment of time is on the side of Water Revolution Foundation. Therefore, for the verification process we kindly request a participation fee to cover a portion of our labour costs. Water Revolution Foundation wants to keep the barrier as low as possible and prefers that companies view the process as a collaborative relationship.

Already a partner? This verification process is free of cost.